Anet: A Network Game Programming Library
Last updated: 22 August 1998

A Rose by Any Other Name...

The public name for Activision's online game service was ActiveLink. It is referred to by Anet in this doc, and by ActiveNet in some places in the code.


Anet was designed to help multiplayer games reach the widest possible audience, lets users play against the widest possible choice of opponents online.

It supports many kinds of connections: LAN, Internet, modem, direct serial connection, and even proprietary gaming networks such as Heat, MPlayer, Microsoft Game Zone and Dwango. (All of these are gone as of 2001 except the Zone.)

What is Anet?

Anet has three main parts:

What platforms are supported?

Will Anet games work with online services like TEN and Mpath?

Yes - it's pretty easy! All it takes is for the game to be able to use our commandline launcher.

What does Anet look like to the Programmer?

To get started using Anet, the programmer needs the Anet SDK, usually distributed as ANETSDK.ZIP.

Refer to the top-level documentation index for programmer information. includes pointers to the Anet API Overview and Function Reference, which explains how to use Anet in a game, and the demo applications.

The program gtest is provided with the SDK as a tool for the programmer to play with the API interactively and learn how it behaves without having to compile any C programs.

Developer Support

Developers should contact Dan Kegel for support and additional example code if needed. Often just a couple minutes talking over questions can save a great deal of time.

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