The Anet Game Server

The Anet game server is a place where people playing over the Net can find opponents, chat, and launch games. It is accessed directly by the game, and sometimes also by a Web browser. It consists of a program which we distribute free of charge to Internet Service Providers and other interested parties. An up to date list of all servers is maintained by a master server, and is downloaded by the Anet library when users connect to any game server.

The server executable is part of the Linux version of the Anet SDK. The intrepid game programmer may run his or her own game server and/or score server during development; contact Dan Kegel for more info.

The current version of the server acts mostly as a player-matching service; Anet games use Anet Game Servers as gathering places for people starting or joining games. In addition, the following features were being worked on in 1998-1999, and are in various stages of completion:

Current Anet Game Servers

A status page which gathers info about all the servers can be run on any web server; see ../src/linux/anetmon.

Some info about individual servers is available from the servers themselves, usually at the url http://servername/anet2.

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