Anet SDK - Release notes


Licensing info

The Anet SDK currently uses several third-party libraries under license:

Note regarding DOS IPX and DOS Extenders

You should bind your shipping executables to the Causeway DOS extender because it has better DPMI support than the DOS extender that comes with Watcom. (It also writes out a nifty CW.ERR file if your program crashes, which allows you or a Perl script to figure out the name of the function that crashed.)

If you compile your programs with a stock version of Watcom, you will be able to access the IPX network when running under Windows 95 but not DOS, because the DOS extender that comes with Watcom, DOS4GW, doesn't support far calls.

Note regarding DOS PPP (internet dialer)

A copy of the ppp driver and example usage in a product are included in demo/mercppp for your convenience. See below for licensing info. For general instructions on setting up internet drivers for use with this SDK, consult the Mercnet FAQ in demo/mercppp.
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